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Table 2 OPTImAL specifications

From: “OPTImAL”: an ontology for patient adherence modeling in physical activity domain

Purpose The purpose of the ontology is to express factors related with adherence to physical activity or exercise training, characterizing the patient profile (e.g., demographics, lifestyle, social support, physiological condition, etc.).
Scope The ontology should focus on physical-activity-related adherence of patients with heart disease.
Implementation language Web Ontology Language (OWL)
Target users The primary target users are healthcare professionals working with cardiac patients, aiming to recommend (User 1) or coach them (User 2) on physical activity and exercise. Another group of target users (User 3) is professionals involved in the development of software solutions to support physical activity and exercise performance of patients, i.e.:
User 1 – Cardiologist
User 2 – Cardiac rehabilitation program trainer
User 3 – Software developer or researcher working in the domain related to CVD patient adherence in physical activity domain
Intended uses User 1: The intended uses of the ontology include: (1) supporting the process of physical activity regimen recommendation to a patient and (2) modifying current physical activity regimen for better adherence.
User 2: The intended use is to support the process of modification of patient adherence based on changes in the patient profile.
User 3: The intended use is to support the development of personalized solutions for physical activity maintenance and modification based on the patient’s need.