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Table 1 Review of physical activity and exercise-related ontologies

From: “OPTImAL”: an ontology for patient adherence modeling in physical activity domain

Resource Purpose of the ontological resource Domain
Kostopoulos et al. [21], 2011 To support personalized exercise prescription Exercise in cardiac rehabilitation
Faiz et al. [22], 2014 To recommend diet and exercise based on the user profile Diet and exercise in diabetes patients
Foust [23], 2013 To provide a reference for describing an exercise regarding functional movements, engaged musculoskeletal system parts, related equipment or monitoring devices, and intended health outcomes Anatomy of exercise and health outcomes
Bickmore & Schulman [19], 2013 To describe health behavior change interventions (exercise and diet promotion) Health behavior change (exercise and diet)
Colantonio et al. [20], 2007 To model the domain knowledge base and represent formalism, knowledge sharing, and reuse Heart failure patient clinical profile