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Table 1 The gender mention types and their related gender mention features

From: An approach for transgender population information extraction and summarization from clinical trial text

Gender mention types Gender mention features
[Male] ‘males’, ‘male’, ‘man’, ‘men’, ‘gay’, ‘gays’, ‘masculine’
[Female] ‘females’, ‘female’, ‘woman’, ‘women’, ‘lesbians’, ‘lesbian’, ‘les’, ‘feminine’
[Two_Gender] ‘m/f’, ‘m&f’, ‘both genders’, ‘two genders’, ‘two-gender’, ‘all genders’, ‘all-gender’
[Biological] ‘biologically’, ‘biological’, ‘cisgender’
[Transgender] ‘transgender’, ‘transsexual’, ‘transsexuals’, ‘transsexualism’, ‘change sex’, ‘changed sex’, ‘sex changed’, ‘change gender’, ‘changed gender’, ‘gender changed’, ‘transgendered’
[Male_Abbreviation] ‘msm’, ‘msw’, ‘msm/w’, ‘msw/m’, ‘ymsm’
[Partner] ‘partner’, ‘partners’, ‘sexual partner’, ‘sexual partners’, ‘wife’, ‘husband’
[Negation_Word] ‘no’, ‘not’, ‘except’, ‘besides’, ‘rather’, ‘rather than’, ‘neither’, ‘not identify as’, ‘not identified as’