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Table 3 Top 15 most frequent terms for the 20 detected topics

From: Discovering thematic change and evolution of utilizing social media for healthcare research

Topic Potential theme Top high frequency terms
14 YouTube analysis YouTube; quality; YouTube video; viewer; score; video recording; patient; health information; misleading; educational; surgery; comment; viewed; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; search term
18 Sex event men who have sex with men; HIV; adolescent; sexual; suicide; youth; young adult; sex; intervention; sexual behavior; prevention; man; HIV testing; sexual health; partner
10 Web-based medical education student; learning; medical education; teaching; course; nursing; technology; resident; nursing student; nurse; educational; wiki; web-2; medical student; university
5 Facebook usage adolescent; Facebook; social networking site; young adult; depression; social networking; student; college student; Facebook use; friend; interpersonal relation; survey and questionnaire; mental health; motivation; anxiety
1 Twitter usage twitter; tweet; post; account; message; twitter use; Facebook; follower; engagement; hashtag; conference; organization; urology; public health; meeting
16 Alcohol & drug alcohol; e-cigarette; marketing; tobacco; smoking; exposure; message; drug; drinking; youth; product; advertising; adolescent; alcohol use; image
15 Twitter data mining twitter; tweet; adverse drug reaction; sentiment; drug; big data; data mining; post; machine learning; sentiment analysis; algorithm; natural language processing; pharmacovigilance; social media data; surveillance
20 Exercise, food, and weight intervention; physical activity; adolescent; program; children; obesity; weight loss; parent; control; Facebook; exercise; food; randomized controlled trial; social support; weight
12 Medicine & clinical hospital; patient; surgeon; physician; rating; health care; surgery; surgical; quality; score; care; radiologist; marketing; breastfeeding; satisfaction
2 Social support social support; online community; post; forum; Facebook; message; qualitative research; comment; online health community; parent; woman; narrative; virtual community; family; perception
8 Tech-assisted health technology; application; health care; web-2; health promotion; public health; systematic review; service; digital; social networking; care; information and communication technology; framework; project; evaluation
6 Altmetric china; citation; journal; Chinese; scale; Altmetric; item; science; metric; scientific; attention; language; reliability; publication; scientist
7 Smoking cessation Facebook; recruitment; woman; pregnancy; smoking cessation; smoking; campaign; smoker; intervention; cost; advertisement; young adult; recruiting; engagement; recruit
11 Emergency surveillance public health; disaster; media; news; outbreak; mass media; event; emergency; epidemic; surveillance; Ebola; crisis; disease; information dissemination; message
9 Disease treatment and management patient; treatment; diabetes; quality of life; clinical; disease; self management; pain; inflammatory bowel disease; care; management; asthma; epilepsy; medication; symptom
17 Vaccine vaccination; vaccine; human papillomavirus; children; autism spectrum disorder; HPV vaccine; immunization; parent; united states; attitude; burn; infant; comment; antibiotic; autism
4 Cancer & mental disease cancer; health information; patient; mental health; breast cancer; schizophrenia; caregiver; awareness; internet use; health related; attitude; information seeking behavior; cancer survivor; dementia; care
19 Health-care through social media patient; physician; health care; Facebook; blog; twitter; care; WhatsApp; smartphone; blogging; dermatology; provider; social network; social media use; healthcare provider
3 Media use by medical staff Facebook; privacy; student; professionalism; ethical; social networking; social networking site; medical student; physician; ethic; perception; confidentiality; faculty; guideline; policy
13 Social-network analysis network; social network; dynamic; politic; social networking; political; theoretical model; online social network; event; attention; diffusion; friend; twitter; algorithm; social behavior