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Table 4 Mapping between VPM clinical-measured parameters (related to measurements from clinical evaluations) and Archetypes

From: Integrating an openEHR-based personalized virtual model for the ageing population within HBase

Parameters Parameters Content openEHR Archetypes Existing/New Archetype items Used/Added
Nutrition For each clinical assessment: Body Weight, Waist circumference, Body mass index, Body fat, Lean body mass, MNA [63] total score EHR-OBSERVATION.body_weight.v2 EHR-OBSERVATION.waist_circumference.v1 EHR-OBSERVATION.body_mass_index.v1 EHR-OBSERVATION.body_composition.v1 EHR-OBSERVATION.body_mass_index.v1 EHR-OBSERVATION.mna_questionnaire.v0 Data.Body Weight (kg or lb) Data.Waist circumference (cm) Data.Body mass index Data.Fat mass Data.Body free mass index Data.Total score
Social interaction 1)Number of phone calls, 2)Number of text messages 3)Time spent speaking at the phone, 4)Time spent on video-conference 6)Living Conditions, 7)Number of leisure activities, 8)Membership in a leisure club EHR-OBSERVATION. generalities_questionnaire.v0 Data.Phone Calls Data.Text Messages Data.Speaking Duration (min) Data.Video Conference Duration (min) Data.Living conditions, Data.Leisure activities, Data.Leisure club)
Cognitive State MoCa [64], MMSE [65] questionnaires scores, subjective memory complain EHR-OBSERVATION.moca_questionnaire.v0 EHR-OBSERVATION.mmse_questionnaire.v0 EHR-OBSERVATION. cognitive_mood_sleep_questionnaire.v0 Data.Total Score Data.Total score Data.Memory complain
Psychological State GDS-15 [66] questionnaire score, self rated anxiety EHR-OBSERVATION.gds-15_questionnaire.v0 EHR-OBSERVATION. visual_analogue_scale.v0 Data.Total score Data.Score
Physical condition Single foot standing), Time Get up and Go, Gait-speed (4m), Lower Limb strength, Low physical activity EHR-EVALUATION. gait_balance_evaluation.v0 EHR-OBSERVATION.fried_criteria.v0 Data.(Single foot standing, Time Get up and go, Gait speed 4m, Raise from the chair 5 times) Data.Low physical activity
Functional capacity Score in Katz index [67] of ADL scale and score in Lawton’s ADL scale [68] EHR-OBSERVATION.katz_index_questionnaire.v0 EHR-OBSERVATION.lawdon_adl_questionnaire.v0 Data.Total Score Data.Total score
General condition Unintentional weight loss, Self-reported Exhaustion EHR-OBSERVATION.fried_criteria.v0 Data.Exhaustion, Weight loss
Wellness Self-rated: Quality of life, pain, health status, change since last year EHR-OBSERVATION. visual_analogue_scale.v0 Data.Score
   EHR-OBSERVATION.health_self_rating.v0 Data.(Health status, Change)
Lifestyle Smoking, Alcohol Consuption, Physical activity EHR-EVALUATION.tobacco_smoking_summary.v1 EHR-OBSERVATION.substance_use-alcohol.v1 EHR-OBSERVATION.physical_activity.v1 Data.Overall Status Data.(Frequency, Amount) Data.Physical activity level
Housing condition Subjective suitability of the housing environment according to participant’s evaluation and investigator’s evaluation Number of steps to access the house EHR-OBSERVATION.housing_condition.v0 Data.(Suitability (participant), Suitability (investigator), Number of steps)
Medical domain Number of co-morbidities, Number of significant co-morbidities, Number of medications, Orthostatic hypotension, Vision, Hearing EHR-EVALUATION.problem_diagnosis.v1 EHR-INSTRUCTION.medication_order.v2 Data.(Problem/Diagnosis name, Severity) Activities.Order.Medication Context.Status
Frailty Frailty phenotype categorization by Fried [62] EHR-OBSERVATION.fried_criteria.v0 Data.Index
  1. Bold text indicates newly developed archetypes or added archetype items