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Table 6 Currency Measures

From: A basic model for assessing primary health care electronic medical record data quality

  Results (%)
Measure   Dataset A Dataset B Dataset C
Timeliness of Weight Recording for Patients with Obesity Weight Recording 62.0 76.4 85.5
Timeliness of Visit for Pregnancy Visiting Patients 14.7 50.0 62.7
Timeliness of Blood Pressure, Height, and Weight Recording Blood Pressure 64.4a,b 93.7b 82.4a,b
Height 30.4a,b 33.3b 42.4a,b
Weight 45.2a,b 61.6b 57.5a,b
  1. aSignificant differences by Sex (p < .001)
  2. bSignificant differences by Age (p < .001)