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Table 7 Keywords for the institutional classification tasks and the corresponding semantically similar words found by the deep representation method

From: A clinical text classification paradigm using weak supervision and deep representation

Task Keyword Selected semantically similar words
Mayo Clinic Smoking Status Classification smoke secondhand, thirdhand, pipes, nutcrackers, cigs
tobacco cigarettes, cigarette, cigar, cigars, tobaco
cigarette cigar, hookah, tobacco, cigarettes, cigars
nicotine nicotene, nicoderm, nictoine
Proximal Femur (Hip) Fracture Classification fx fracture, comminuted, pinning, displaced, fractures
intertrochanteric intramedullary, nailing, pinning, intratrochanteric, introchanteric, transtrochanteric, pertrochanteric, basicervical, intertroch
greater trochanter trochanters, troch, trochanteric