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Table 1 Percent distribution of women age 15–49 who had a live birth in the five years preceding the survey by selected maternity services for the most recent birth, 2011

From: Designing mHealth for maternity services in primary health facilities in a low-income setting – lessons from a partially successful implementation

Indicator Amhara (%) National (%)
Antenatal Care (ANC) from a skilled providera 33.6 33.9
Specific ANC servicesb
 Informed of signs of pregnancy complications 16.4 20.0
 Blood pressure measured 61.1 71.6
 Urine sample taken 37.4 41.3
Delivered by a skilled attendantc 10.1 10.0
Postnatal check-up in the first 2 days after birthd 5.1 6.7
  1. aPercentage women age 15–49 receiving antenatal care from a skilled provider for the most recent birth
  2. bAmong women receiving antenatal care (ANC) for the most recent live birth in the 5 years preceding the survey, the percentage receiving specific antenatal services
  3. cPercent distribution of births in the 5 years preceding the survey delivered by skilled providers
  4. dPercentage of women with a live birth in the 2 years preceding the survey who received a postnatal checkup in the first 2 days after giving birth