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Table 5 PHIS standard simple list (data class standard)

From: Primary health information standard system based on semantic interoperability

2.1.1WS/T 305–2009Metadata Specification of Health Information Dataset 
2.1.2WS/T 306–2009Rules for Health Information Dataset Classifying and Coding 
2.1.3WS 370–2012Specification for Drafting of Health Information Dataset 
2.1.4SupplementSpecification for Drafting of PHIS Dataset 
2.1.5WS363–2011Health Data Element Dictionary 
2.1.6SupplementPHIS Data Element Dictionary 
2.2.1WS 364–2011Classification and Coding for Value Domain of Health Data Element 
2.2.2WS 446–2014Codes for Common Laboratory Tests in Health Records 
2.2.3Release in progressClassification and Coding for Value Domain of Health Data Element (TCM) 
2.3.1WS 445–2014Basic Dataset of Electronic Medical Record 
2.3.2WS 365–2011Basic Dataset of Health Record for Residents 
2.3.3WS 371–2012Basic Dataset of Basic Information 
2.3.4WS 372–2012Basic Dataset of Disease Management 
2.3.5WS 373–2012Basic Dataset of Clinical Healthcare 
2.3.6WS 374–2012Basic Dataset of Health Management 
2.3.7WS 375–2016Basic Dataset of Disease Control 
2.3.8WS 376–2013Basic Dataset of Children’s Health 
2.3.9WS 377–2013Basic Dataset of Women’s Health 
2.3.10SupplementBasic Dataset of PHIS