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Table 1 Usability issues

From: Timeline representation of clinical data: usability and added value for pharmacovigilance

Problem Source of the problem Problem frequency Nielsen scale score Observations
Zoom increase/decrease functionality deemed insufficiently accurate by participants User Interface (UI) 6/6 (100%) 3/4 The Timeline overview does not allow accurate zooming to select the detailed view range
Absence of prescription data Data source 6/6 (100%) 3/4 Prescriptions were not digitized in the Intensive Care Unit
Text highlighting did not work during the search UI 1/6 (17%) 3/4 Issues with accent detection
Medication regimens were not displayed UI 6/6 (100%) 3/4 Data on medication regimens were not available
Hierarchical tree of biological concepts: navigation problems Complexity of the terminology in the UI 3/6 (50%) 2/4 The hierarchical tree of laboratory results was too large to allow users to easily find information without filtering
Repositioning document windows UI bug 2/6 (34%) 2/4 The window slid under the menu bar