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Table 2 Configuration parameters for the i2b2 Docker containers

From: Implementation of informatics for integrating biology and the bedside (i2b2) platform as Docker containers

Name Configuration parameters Parameter description
I2b2-web (i2b2 client) IP: external IP address This parameter allows configuration of the Apache server to listen on an external interface, and the JavaScript, to connect the user interface to the webserver.
I2b2-wildfly (application server for i2b2 cells) DS_IP: internet IP address for data-source
DS_PORT: port for data source
These parameters allow configuration of the connection to the i2b2 database from the WildFly server (default is the i2b2-pg container running PostgreSQL
I2b2-pg (database) IP: External IP address This parameter is used to generate the URLs of the i2b2 web services, which are then stored in the database.