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Table 6 Examples in the medical relation evaluation dataset

From: Evaluating semantic relations in neural word embeddings with biomedical and general domain knowledge bases

Source Target Source Target Source Target
Has associated morphology Has causative agent May treat
Enteritis Inflammation Coinfection Organism Atropine Uveitis
Keratosis Lesion Coccidiosis Protozoa Rifampin Tuberculosis
Asthma Obstruction Asbestosis Asbestos Naproxen Inflammation
Has procedure site Has ingredient Has finding site
Splenectomy Spleen Dressing Foam Rickets Cartilage
Keratoplasty Cornea Beeswax Waxes Pyometra Uterus
Bronchoscopy Bronchi Cellulose Regenerated Overbite Cartilage