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Table 1 Selected rules and examples

From: Using natural language processing methods to classify use status of dietary supplements in clinical notes

Use status class Frequently used regular expressions Selected examples
Continuing (C) continue(\s + \S+){0,7}\s + sup Continue fish oil to reduce inflammation.
increase(\s + \S+){0,7}\s + sup She has increased her alfalfa tabs and this has eliminated her symptoms and chest tightness.
take(\s + \S+){0,7}\s + sup She is also taking a Vitamin E supplement and Tylenol as needed for pain.
Discontinued (D) Stop(\s + \S+){0,7}\s + sup Stop Vitamin E supplement.
discontinue(\s + \S+){0,7}\s + sup She is to discontinue her St. John’s Wort.
hold(\s + \S+){0,7}\s + sup You are already holding the fish oil and aspirin.
Started (S) Start(\s + \S+){0.7} + sup Started echinacea 1 week ago for cold.
Add(\s + \S+){0,7} + sup Add supplements with ginger.
Begin(\s + \S+){0,7}\s + sup I have asked him to begin using fish oil 3 capsules a per day, and he is agreeable to this.
Unclassified (U) Recommend(\s + \S+){0,7}\s + sup I did recommend taking over-the-counter fish oil, either 500 or 1000 mg per day.
Avoid(\s + \S+){0,7}\s + sup Avoid use of st. john’s wort on methadone as it can affect systemic level.
Suggest(\s + \S+){0,7}\s + sup Also suggested that she could consider trying otc Ginkgo biloba.