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Table 5 The examples of learned patterns that are categorized into four types

From: A pattern learning-based method for temporal expression extraction and normalization from multi-lingual heterogeneous clinical texts

Language Type Structural pattern Matching text
English Time with [TE] prior to starting with 24 h prior to the patients admission
Date discharged in [TE] surgery patients discharged in 2015
Duration study period [TE] - [TE] study period May 1st, 2016 - May 21th, 2016
Set issued on a [TE] basis issued on a weekly basis
Chinese Time 后[TE]内 在入院后 24小时内
Date [TE]返院化疗 2014.11.3返院化疗
Duration [TE]/次 3–5天/次
Set [TE]检查 每三个月检查一次