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Table 4 Odds of availing postnatal care among respondents and for newborns according to mobile phone usage status

From: Disparities in the use of mobile phone for seeking childbirth services among women in the urban areas: Bangladesh Urban Health Survey

Used mobile phone for delivery services City Corporation: Slum
(OR, 95% CI)
City Corporation: non-Slum
(OR, 95% CI)
(OR, 95% CI)
Postnatal care for respondents
 No Ref Ref Ref
 Yes 4.250 (1.856–9.734) 1.448 (0.726–2.888) 0.650 (0.406–1.039)
Postnatal care for newborns
 No Ref Ref Ref
 Yes 1.069 (0.784–1.456) 0.860 (0.637–1.161) 2.707 (1.712–4.279)
  1. N.B. Adjusted for Age, region, religion, attending school, wealth quintile, currently working, Parity, Watches TV, Listens to radio