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Table 6 Patients’ views on a decision aid for early ACS treatment decision-making

From: Patient perspectives on engagement in decision-making in early management of non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome: a qualitative study

On admission to emergency care


One participant said that early on they felt very foggy and was in no position to make decisions…and even after emerging from the fog the participant didn’t think more information would have been helpful (Participant 14)


“Yes, they can, like a sketching form, this is the % that this will work or not work”. When asked whether their head was too foggy to make decisions and the doctors should do it, this participant said: “That’s one way of doing, but I had the back-up: one daughter is a chiropractor the other has brains too”. (Participant 17)


“In emerg (sic) it’s possible you’re not understanding things all that much but it would have been helpful somewhere along the line”. (Participant 19)


Once past the life-threatening stage


It would “tell you this is what happened, this is what we did, and what we found, and what medications we are giving you and this is what they are for”. (Participant 19)


“Information isn’t volunteered….you have to know what to ask” (Reflect focus group participant).


One interviewee indicated they would like to reduce some of the medications they were taking but didn’t know how to go about this. (Participant 19)