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Table 1 Attribute Type of a D-ETL rule

From: Dynamic-ETL: a hybrid approach for health data extraction, transformation and loading

Attribute Description Group
Rule order Rule identification number. All rows of a rule should have the same rule order Identification
Rule description Short description with maximum length of 255 characters to describe the purpose of the rule. Identification
Target database Name of target database Target
Target schema Name of target schema Target
Target table Name of target table Target
Target column Name of target column Target
Map type Type of row. Possible values: PRIMARY, JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, FULL JOIN, WHERE, VALUE, CUSTOM. Source
Map order Identification of row within a rule Identification
Source database Name of source database Source
Source schema Name of source schema Source
Source table Name of source table Source
Source value VALUE row: The value used to populate target column
JOIN row: join condition
WHERE row: where condition