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Table 3 Five experiments on varying the length parameters [M=months, W=weeks, D=days]

From: Modeling long-term human activeness using recurrent neural networks for biometric data

Experiments Input length (minutes) Output length (minutes) Training length Prediction length
#1: Varying the input length alone 5/15/30/60/120 15 1M 1W
#2: Varying the output length alone 15 5/15/30/60/120 1M 1W
#3: Varying the input & output length alone 5/15/30/60/120 1M 1W
#4: Varying the training length alone 15 1W/2W/1M/3M/5M 1W
#5: Varying the prediction length alone 15 1M 1D/3D/1W/1M/3M