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Table 1 The Constructive eHealth Evaluation Method (CeHEM): phases, objective, activity, and methods

From: Constructive eHealth evaluation: lessons from evaluation of EHR development in 4 Danish hospitals

Phase Objective Activity Methods
Pre-analysis Justify a constructive evaluation need Identify: Why… When… Who… How…
Health care Management meetings based on results from summative evaluation of existing eHealth system performance
Data assessment
Document analysis
Satisfaction survey
Research and planning Set-up a competent project organisation to provide solid health care and ICT professional insight to management and CIO a) Identification of relevant actor groups
b) Selection of representatives of the identified groups
c) Technology carrier analysis
d) Identify indicators for final summative evaluation
Observation of work practices
When users identify users
Document analysis
Design Identify appropriate system developer based on the identified requirement specifications Identifying user needs
Draft requirement specifications
Select vendors
User centred and participatory design methods e.g., User Innovation Management method (UIM)
Development Design of proto type
adjust and re-design
Information meetings with department management from different clinical context
Select appropriate clinical context/wards for pilot test
Pilot test of Pre-prototype
Feed-back structure for errors and changes re-design
Meetings with management from different clinical context
Presentation of prototype
Selected Interviews for feedback
Observation of test
Implementation and diffusion Test of proto-type in clinical setting Form working group at department and/or ward level
a) Identification of local actor groups relevant for the clinical settings
b) Selection of representatives of the identified groups
Customise prototype
Test prototype functionalities
Test usability
Clinical simulation
Think aloud
Cognitive walkthrough
Observation of work practices
Modified summative evaluation Before and after technical, organizational and economic changes End user assessment
Measure based on indicators
Qualitative investigation
Quantitative survey