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Table 1 Clickstream variables and information content for clustering

From: Health care public reporting utilization – user clusters, web trails, and usage barriers on Germany’s public reporting portal

Variable Type1 Mean SD Description
Number of clicks cont 13 15 User click on website element (request)
Time per click cont 600 909 Time in seconds passed between clicks
Successful visit cat 68%   Success = view of hospital search results
Work time access cat 51%   weekdays 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
Mobile device cat 17%   Use of handheld device
Returning cat 22%   Returning visitor with previous visit
Referrer     Webpage where the user came from
 Direct entry cat 21% directly entered in URL bar
 Search engine cat 68% entered via search engine (e.g. google)
 Health magazines cat 4%   Patient health magazines (e.g. Apothekenumschau)
 Health insurance cat 3%   Statutory health insurance websites
 Media cat 2%   Online news sites
 Internal link cat 2%   Other portals (e.g. nursing care)
 Other cat 1%   
Website content     Content visited by average user (clicks per topic)
 Start hospital search cont 10% 15% Initiate search based on medical and geograph. info
 Select medical condition cont 5% 12%  
 Search via body parts cont 3% 11% Select medical condition via human body part map
 Search via catalogue cont 1% 7% Select medical condition via ICD/OPS2 expert list
 Select post code cont 1% 3%  
 Search results cont 23% 24% List of hospitals offering relevant care in geo area
 Detailed results view cont 13% 23% Detailed information about one selected hospital
 Benchmarking cont 1% 4% Direct comparison for selected criteria/hospitals
 PDF brochure download cont 0% 1% Download info about selected hospital(s)
 Diagnosis translator cont 11% 31% Find medical descriptions for ICD/OPS2 codes
 Your hospital stay cont 1% 5%  
 Patient experience cont 0% 3% Information about patient experience survey
 Background info cont 0% 3% Background info about transparency project
 Latest news cont 0% 2%  
 Sister sites cont 10% 21% Information on outpatient physicians, nursing care
  1. Clickstreams analyses based on 80,000 session data sample from January to May 2015 excluding bounce visits. Clustering was conducted based on 22 variables (referrer functioning as one variable); mean and standard deviation calculated for the average session in the sample
  2. 1. Variable continuous or categorical (dummy 1 = yes, 0 = no); 2. ICD = International Classification of Diseases, OPS = Operationen- und Prozedurenschlüssel (based on International Classification of Procedures in Medicine)