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Table 1 Datasets used for construction and validation

From: Automatic identification of variables in epidemiological datasets using logic regression

Acronym or designation Study name Study type Number of variables Number of participants Use
AIR Atherosclerosis and Insulin Resistance study general population 136 435 Construction
ARIC Atherosclerosis risk in communities general population 10108 15042 Validation
BCAPS Beta-blocker Cholesterol-lowering Asymptomatic Plaque Study RCT 134 1544 Validation
BHS Bogalusa Heart Study general population 1220 1986 Construction
BKRE Konyang University Hospital CIMT Registry RCT 109 205 Validation
Bruneck Bruneck Study general population 141 821 Validation
CAPS Carotid Atherosclerosis Progression Study general population 692 6972 Construction
CCCC Chin-Shan Community Cardiovascular Cohort Study general population 110 3603 Construction
CHS Cardiovascular Health Study general population 1426 5901 Construction
CIMT_TIME CIMT TIME Project risk population 144 671 Validation
CMCS-Beijing Chinese Multi-provincial Cohort Study-Beijing general population 141 1324 Construction
CREED Cardiovascular Risk Extended Evaluation in Dialysis patients risk population 53 138 Construction
DIWA Diabetes, Impaired glucose tolerance in Women and Atherosclerosis general population 129 644 Validation
EAS Edinburgh Artery Study general population 74 1593 Construction
Ekart et al. None risk population 102 54 Construction
EPICARDIAN EPIdemiología CARDIovascular en los ANcianos, Cardiovascular Epidemiology in the Elderly in Spain general population 76 446 Construction
EVA Etude du Vieillissement Arteriel general population 212 1135 Validation
HD-IMT Carotid ultrasonographic parameters as markers of atherogenesis and mortality rate in patients on hemodialysis risk population 130 85 Validation
HOORN The Hoorn Study general population 128 3103 Construction
IMPROVE Carotid Intima Media Thickness and IMT-Progression as Predictors of Vascular Events in a High Risk European Population risk population 103 3703 Construction
INVADE Interventionsprojekt zerebrovaskuläre Erkrankungen und Demenz im Landkreis Ebersberg general population 1581 3365 Validation
Kato et al. None risk population 131 284 Validation
KIHD Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study general population 151 1399 Construction
Landecho et al. None risk population 69 248 Validation
Niguarda Niguarda-Monzino Study risk population 88 1564 Construction
NOMAS/INVEST Northern Manhattan Study general population 334 857 Validation
OSACA Osaca Follow-Up Study for Carotid Atherosclerosis risk population 108 291 Construction
Papagianni et al. None risk population 73 84 Construction
PIVUS Prospective Investigation of the Vasculature in Uppsala Seniors general population 98 1017 Validation
PLIC Progression of Lesions in the Intima of the Carotid general population 264 2607 Validation
RIAS Resistive Index in AtheroSclerosis risk population 67 158 Construction
Rotterdam Rotterdam Study general population 34 7983 Validation
SAPHIR Salzburg Atherosclerosis Prevention program in subjects at High Individual Risk general population 141 3127 Validation
SHIP Study of Health in Pomerania general population 320 4308 Construction