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Table 1 Information needs for interpreting potential drug-drug interaction reports, with indications of sources identifying those needs (literature and/or interviews) and counts of the number of sources mentioning each need

From: Information needs for making clinical recommendations about potential drug-drug interactions: a synthesis of literature review and interviews

Category Source Subcategory Information needs
Drug and Interaction Information Literature and Interviews   Mechanisms of action (45 sources); pharmacokinetics (34); temporal overlap in administration of interacting drugs (27); pharmacodynamics (22); frequency of co-administration (16); category (drug class/related drugs) (14); biological plausibility of interaction (14); interaction role (object/precipitant) (4);
Study Design (randomly controlled trials) Interviews   Dosage (5); participant characteristics (4); number of participants (3); controls (2); sample size calculation (1);
Evidence Literature and Interviews Quality and content of report Drug Interaction Probability Scale [38] scores (10); differentiation between statistical and clinical significance (3); statistical characterization of results (3); inclusion of result magnitude (3); lack of evidence of interactions (2); thoroughness of new drug application (1); inclusion of human (non-animal) data as more credible (1); omissions of important details (1); Number of cases (1)
Patient Factors Clinical status (50); demographics (28); medication history (10); allergies (7); body weight (7); lifestyle (6); compliance (4); inter-patient variability (4); number of prescribers/pharmacies (2); length of hospital stay (1); payer status (1)
Clinical Dose (28); risk factors for consequences (21); clinical context (15); mitigating factors (11);
Seriousness Clinical importance (25); likelihood of irreversible morbidity (17); likelihood of mortality (14); likelihood of prescriber action (2)
Adverse effects Frequency of adverse events (numeric and/or estimated) (10); toxicity (6); reversibility of adverse effects (2); alteration of therapeutic effect (2);
Recommendations Literature and Interviews   Monitor (33); dose adjustment (25); change medication (20); contraindication (20); discontinue or temporarily hold medication (13); modify administration (11); patient education (10); alternative therapy (10); strength of recommendation (9); continue treatment (7); when to start/stop management (2); seek medical attention (1); cost-effectiveness of recommendation (1)