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Table 1 Study assessment schedule

From: Integral strategy to supportive care in breast cancer survivors through occupational therapy and a m-health system: design of a randomized clinical trial

Assessment Baseline Post-intervention (8 weeks) Follow – up (24 weeks)
 Informed Consent x   
Day 1 testing
 Sociodemographic data x   
 Anthropometric data, pressure/rate heart x x x
 Accelerometry (1 week) x x x
 Body Composition (DEXA) x x x
 Minnesota x x x
 Self-efficacy Physical Activity questionnaire x x x
 EORTC QLQ-C30 x x x
 EORT QLQ-BR23 x x x
Day 2 testing
 WAIS-IVa(subtest) x x x
 Trail Making Test (TMT) x x x
 Handgrip strength x x x
 Lymphedema x x x
 Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale x x x
 DASH x x x
 Goniometry x x x
  1. aWorking memory and processing speed subtest