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Table 3 Sample competency questions

From: An information model for computable cancer phenotypes

Category Description Sample question
Clinicalcriteria Find patients matching some desired criteria, independent of temporal relations Which patients have had atypical endometriosis?
Eventrel Find patients who experience two or more clinically-relevant events, related by a specified time interval. Which patients were given chemotherapy within eight weeks of their death?
Stratification Given two sets of patients similar in key respects, compare certain outcomes based on stratification of categorical values such as care, phenotype, etc. What portion of BRCA patients with PALB2 were given PARP inhibitor therapy?
Triangulation Some information cannot be interpreted on the basis of any one source. Integration of related information from multiple sources is required to develop full understanding. Which patients had medications that were ordered (as per physician charts), but not administered (as per Medication Administration Records (MARs) or nursing records)?
Schema What information is available on which patients? For which patients do I have a valid date of death?