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Table 1 Modeling requirements

From: An information model for computable cancer phenotypes

  Requirement Description
R1 Appropriate
Use accepted terminologies and vocabularies whenever possible
R2 Cancer-specific content Provide expressivity necessary to develop appropriately detailed descriptions of cancer treatment and progression
R3 Available tooling Align with existing APIs, schemata, validators, etc.
R4 Community-driven modeling Use community contributions and critiques to improve models
R5 Compatibility with existing NLP
Facilitate interaction with existing NLP tools and type systems.
R6 Combinations of structured and unstructured data Support the combination of structured data represented in EMRs with unstructured details extracted from clinical texts.
R7 Multi-level
Support summarization of data across multiple levels of abstraction, ranging from instances/mentions to documents, episodes (collections of records indicating a distinct phase in disease progression such as diagnosis or treatment), and high-level summaries of cancers and tumors.
R8 Provenance Preserve and expose linkages between abstracted models and source data