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Table 2

From: Qualitative assessment of user experiences of a novel smart phone application designed to support flexible intensive insulin therapy in type 1 diabetes

Questions Attribute
Tell me about your experiences using the rapidcalc app
Prompts if needed:
      • Challenges
      • Benefits of app
Describe your experience with learning how to use the app (general question first, then more specifically,…)
Prompts if needed:
      • Inputting settings
      • Use of help screens
      • Using dose calculator
Did you feel you could trust the bolus calculator?
Prompts if needed:
      • How closely does the application suggested dose compare with your usual bolus calculations?
            ▪ For meals
            ▪ For snacks
How does the app influence your efficiency in:
      • Dosage calculation?
      • BGL diary recording?
      • Exercise adjustments?
      • BGL diary reflection?
      • Communication of your diary with another person (eg. your health professional)
Specific features- what is your experience with specific app features:
      • IOB
      • Reverse calculator
      • exercise feature
      • history page
      • graphs
Efficiency satisfaction
If you were to have a period of not using the app, do you think that you can easily pick it up again and remember how to use it? Memorability
What would you ask the developers to change?
Given the opportunity to build a new application from scratch, what would you put in to make it better?
Future improvements
Do you plan to continue to use rapidcalc? Satisfaction