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Table 2 Action following the trigger

From: Psychometric assessment and behavioral experiments using a free virtual reality platform and computational science

Actions Description Parameters
Show Show or Hide the target object Target object
Play video Play selected video Movie object, Type(Play, Pause, Stop), Loop(One time/Loop)
Play audio Play audio Sound object, Type(Play, Pause, Stop), Loop(One time/Loop)
Play animation Play animation Target object, Start time, Duration time, Loop(NumOf Times, Loop), Times
Change Trigger Status Changed the Enable Status of the target object Target object, Set Status
To(Enabled, Disabled)
Move to Move the object to the specified locator Destination locator
Set property Set a property of the target object to a new value Target object, Property name, Property value
Quit scene Quit the scene and close the NeuroVR Player User message, System message
Pick object The object is picked and placed in the tray bar Target object to be picked
Load scene Close current scene and open the new one without leaving the NeuroVR Player. New scene to be loaded