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Table 1 iEHR deployment statistics as of January 31, 2015

From: Measuring interoperable EHR adoption and maturity: a Canadian example

Jurisdiction Go-live Clinical domains currently live Clinical settings
Newfoundland 2014 Lab, drug profile Hospitals
Prince Edward Island 2008 Lab, drug, DI Hospitals, primary care
Nova Scotia 2010 Lab, DI, clinical reports Hospitals
New Brunswick 2010 Lab, DI, cardiology reports Hospitals
Quebec 2013 Lab, drug, DI Hospitals, primary care
Ontario 2011 Lab, DI, clinical reports, drug profiles Hospitals (selected regions), primary care
Manitoba 2011 Lab, drug, DI, immunization, clinical reports Hospitals, primary care
Saskatchewan 2013 Lab, drug Hospitals, primary care
Alberta 2006 Lab, drug profile, DI, immunization, clinical reports, allergies Hospitals, pharmacies, primary care, ambulatory
British Columbia 2010 Lab, DI Hospitals
Northwest Territories 2010 Lab, DI, clinical reports Hospital, primary care, public health offices
Nunavut 2011 Lab, DI, drug profile, clinical reports Hospitals