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Table 3 Semi-structured interview questions

From: User perspectives on an electronic decision-support tool performing comprehensive medication reviews - a focus group study with physicians and nurses

1. Icebreaker: Could anyone share a user experience of the CMR?
2. In what kind of clinical situation did you process the CMR?
 – How much time did it take?
 – What was the consequence of this act?
3. What are the best elements of the CMR in your opinion?
4. What kind of impact has the CMR had on your work or collaboration between nurse/doctor, patient or pharmacy? Has it changed your way of working?
5. Demonstration of different elements of the CMR (which elements have you paid attention to, which have you not)
6. Do you experience any barriers to using the CMR? What limits it?
7. What kind of ideas/suggestions do you have for the future of the CMR?
8. Is there anything else regarding the CMR we haven’t mentioned yet?