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Table 1 EBMeDS characteristics

From: User perspectives on an electronic decision-support tool performing comprehensive medication reviews - a focus group study with physicians and nurses

Evidence-Based The development of the decision support rules is strictly based on clinical evidence with the exception of a limited number of localized rules. The content development process has received NHS Nice accreditation in September 2011.
Context-sensitive clinical reminders and alerts Clinical reminders based on patient data are given in real-time and automatically inside the EHR. Categories include:
– Generic reminders focused on different specialties
– Medication checks
o interactions
o adverse effects
o dosing and restrictions in renal malfunction
o dosing and restrictions during pregnancy and lactation
o dosage and double medication
o treatment suggestions (indications)
– Links to guidelines
Quality measures Quality measures describe evidence and guideline compliance in accordance with the decision support rules.
Smart forms The patient data sent to the decision support engine is processed and populated to different electronic forms, referrals a nd calculators that physicians need in their daily work. The Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) uses this method. The CMR could be performed for individual patients on demand.