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Table 4 Original PAM13 Questions

From: Measuring patient activation in Italy: Translation, adaptation and validation of the Italian version of the patient activation measure 13 (PAM13-I)

PAM13 Item no. Item
1 When all is said and done. I am the person who is responsible for managing my health condition
2 Taking an active role in my own health care is the most important factor in determining my health and ability to function
3 I am confident that I can take actions that will help prevent or minimize some symptoms or problems associated with my health condition
4 I know what each of my prescribed medications do
5 I am confident that I can tell when I need to go get medical care and when I can handle a health problem myself
6 I am confident I can tell my health care provider concerns I have even when he or she does not ask
7 I am confident that I can follow through on medical treatments I need to do at home
8 I understand the nature and causes of my health condition(s)
9 I know the different medical treatment options available for my health condition
10 I have been able to maintain the lifestyle changes for my health that I have made
11 I know how to prevent further problems with my health condition
12 I am confident I can figure out solutions when new situations or problems arise with my health condition
13 I am confident that I can maintain lifestyle changes like diet and exercise even during times of stress