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Table 4 Design recommendations for health information exchange in an Internal Medicine Department in a public hospital

From: A user needs assessment to inform health information exchange design and implementation

Design recommendations
1. Allow keyword search functionality in OI
2. Provide the telephone number of the OI source for follow up questions
3. Provide the list of previous medications for medication reconciliation
4. Facilitate remote access to patients’ medical records
5. Provide computer screens that facilitate parallel tasking while reviewing documents electronically
6. Visual indicators for when OI is potentially relevant to specific diagnoses
7. Provide 1-click access to imaging, echocardiograms, bacterial cultures, cardiac catheterizations and CTs results (not only reports)
8. Prioritize OI access to patients with acute cardiac issues, chest pain, infection, cancer, and kidney injury
9. Prioritize OI access for hospital transfers and ICU patients
  1. OI outside information, CT computerized tomography, ICU intensive care unit