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Table 2 Summary of physician perceptions of current, pre-HIE use of outside information requested from outside hospitals

From: A user needs assessment to inform health information exchange design and implementation

Reasons for not requesting Problems encountered
1. Time 1. Process
Outside information is too old Need to re-request
Physician assumes the OI request process takes too long Delay in sending or scanning outside information after work hours
Emergent situations Transitions-of-care communication problems
Brief Hospital stay Problems with outside information transfer patients
Do not receive any outside information
OI comes too late
Delay waiting for imaging to be loaded from CD
Unaware of where outside information is in the process or if it has arrived
2. Relevance 2. Information
Current admission unrelated to outside information Unhelpful physician or nursing notes
Unnecessary to request outside information based on clinical expertise Difficulty finding useful information in unorganized and abundant amount of outside information
Skepticism of imaging or culture reads from outside facility
3. Patient  
Patient or family is good historian and record keeper
Patient does not know where to request outside information from
  1. OI outside information