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Table 3 Study outcomes

From: Using the Technology Acceptance Model to explore community dwelling older adults’ perceptions of a 3D interior design application to facilitate pre-discharge home adaptations



Study outcomes


Collaboration & decision making

• Clear and understandable 3D home representations

• Valuable tool for joint decision making and collaboration

• Empower patients to have influence on decisions

• Increase awareness and understanding of the design options

Educational value

• Function of specialist OT equipment not intuitive

• Potential of learning equipment function from using CIDA


Interface considerations

• Increase size of icons

• Provide textual descriptors

• Revise folder structure/location of OT equipment

Size & scale

• Accuracy of measurements

Dexterity & motor skills

• Redesign interface/functions to require less dexterity/motor skills


Assisted use

• More suitable to be used alongside an expert user/practitioner

Existing applications

• Confidence in value and applicability

• Familiarity with CIDA in existing real-world contexts