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Table 1 Qualitative data gathered after delivery of the OMA programme

From: Feasibility and impact of a computerised clinical decision support system on investigation and initial management of new onset chest pain: a mixed methods study

Data Type Data type Number Sites
Observational Post-intervention consultations:   Trust A
Cardiologist 12
Specialist cardiac nurse 20
Physiologist 8
  Total: 40
Self-reported Field interviews immediately   Trust A
following observation of CDSS 10
Cardiologist 9
Specialist cardiac nurse 6
Physiologist Total: 25
Clinician interviews 5 Trust A (4) and aTrust B (1)
Cardiologist 2
Specialist cardiac nurse 3
Clinician focus group 1 Trust A
Specialist cardiac nurse2
Physiologist 1
  1. aInterview carried out with lead clinician at Trust B to explore diversity of issues across sites