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Table 2 Objects added to the extended PCROM

From: Extension of the primary care research object model (PCROM) as clinical research information model (CRIM) for the learning healthcare system

No. Object Connections
New information objects
1 Reminder Patient, ObservationActivity
2 Alert / Alarm AdverseEvent, ObservationActivity, WebQuestionnaire
3 TTP Organization, Patient
4 Web questionnaire PatientReport, AlertAlarm
5 GP Person, Investigator, Appointment, Prescription
6 Invitation of patient PotentialParticipant, Participant, Appointment
7 Prescription GP, Activity
8 Appointment (incl. GP visit) Patient, Invitation of patient, Adverse Event, Consultation
9 Encounter Episode of Care, Reason for Encounter, Intervention
10 Reason for Encounter Encounter
11 Consultation Encounter, Appointment, EligibilityCriteria
12 Episode of Care Encounter
13 PatientScreening InterventionActivity
14 PatientReport ObservationalActivity, WebQuestionnaire
High-level areas
15 eCRF (ENTRY) ObservationalActivity, ObservationalResult, AssessmentActivity, AssessmentResult, InterventionActivity
16 CARE related GP, Prescription, Appointment, Consultation, Reminder, Episode of Care, Encounter, Reason for Encounter
Extension of existing information objects
17 EligibilityCriteria Rule (e.g. responsiveness)
18 Patient Patient ID