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Table 3 Feasibility of the web-based patient decision support research platform: recruitment, usage, and acceptability (N = 126)

From: Launching a virtual decision lab: development and field-testing of a web-based patient decision support research platform

Measures of Feasibility for Use in Research Studies Percentage
n (%)
Recruitment, enrolled/eligible  
In clinic 54/55 (99%)
Web-based referral 74/80 (93%)
Website Usage  
Completion of decision aid and data collection items 126 (100%)
Time spent on website (in minutes), mean (minimum, maximum) 36 (12, 90)
Preference for viewing on home/public computer, compared to a computer provided at the clinic 126 (100%)
Acceptability, % of patients who provided favorable ratings  
Ease of use 124 (98%)
Clarity 114 (90%)
Appropriate length 126 (100%)
Appropriate level of detail 114 (90%)
Able to hold my interest 122 (97%)
Satisfaction with decision preparation 126 (100%)