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Table 5 Key risk messages identified by respondents

From: Improving bone mineral density reporting to patients with an illustration of personal fracture risk

Risk message category Associated responses
Fracture risk "Risk of breaking a bone in spine, forearms, shoulders, or hip".
High risk "I'm in the high risk".
Ten-year fracture risk 'In the next 10 years I am at a high risk for breaking those bones'.
General health risk 'showing you from the high to low of risk involved'.
Personal fracture risk "It is telling me where my bone density lies, and the risk of it".
Preventable risk "That you have 10 years to get your act together or you'll be in the red".
Action is required "If you are in the red part you best be getting to the doctor".
Bone density results "Percent of risk of osteoporosis in spine, forearms, shoulder, or hip in the next 10 years'.
Risk categories "It's showing you are at moderate risk. High risk is clear up here. And it's a little more than low risk".