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Table 1 Interview Schedule

From: Improving bone mineral density reporting to patients with an illustration of personal fracture risk

  Mode of questioning Construct assessing
  Close-ended (Quantitative) questions Open-Ended (Qualitative) questions Preference Comprehension Perceived susceptibility
For each figure individually, presented to participants in random order   What is this picture trying to show you?    
  What would you say is the risk or chance of this person breaking a bone in the next 10 years?   
  (Very high, High, Moderate, Low, Very Low)     
   What do you like about this picture? Why?   
   What do you not like about this picture?   
For all figures, in comparison to one another Rank the pictures from your most favorite to your least favorite explain your decision. Explain your decision.   
  Which picture was easiest for you to understand? Why?    
  Which picture was hardest for you to understand? What could we do to make it better?    
  If these pictures showed YOUR risk, which one would make you most worried about breaking a bone?