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Table 3 JCR subject MI vs. MI-MeSH.

From: Publication trends in the medical informatics literature: 20 years of "Medical Informatics" in MeSH

Top MI-MeSH Indexed Journals Ranked by 2006 MI Output '06 Pub Cnt. JCR Subject Category Medical Informatics '06 Pub Cnt.
Proc. IEEE Eng. in Med. and Biology Soc. Con. 390 *IEEE Tran. on I.T in Biomedicine 77
IEEE trans on image processing 326 *JAMIA 72
Medical physics 274 *International journal of medical informatics 55
Proc. AMIA Annual Symposium 271 Methods of information in medicine 49
Stud. in Health Technology & Info 270 Biomedizinische Technik 28
Physics in Med. and biology 227 Journal of biomedical informatics 24
Med. image Comp. & comp-ass inter. 224 IEEE engineering in medicine and biology magazine 26
IEEE transactions on bio-medical eng. 185 Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 22
Nucleic acids research 180 Computers, informatics, nursing: CIN 18
IEEE trans on pattern analysis and mach. Intel. 173 Artificial intelligence in medicine 16
BMC bioinformatics 150 Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 9
Int. J. of radiation, onc, bio, phys 140 Medical Informatics and the Internet in Medicine 7
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 138 Inter. J. of Tech. Ass. in healthcare 4
IEEE trans. on medical imaging 135 Statistical Methods in Medical Research 3
Magnetic resonance in medicine 104 Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 2
IEEE trans on visualization and comp graph 92 Med Decision Making 1
Healthcare informatics 91 Statistics in Medicine 1
Radiotherapy and Oncology 87 Journal of Cancer Education 1
Applied Optics 85   
J. biomedical optics 85   
IEEE trans on ultrason., ferro., and freqy contro 78   
Journal of AHIMA 78   
*IEEE trans on IT in biomedicine 77   
J of the American Society of Echocardy 74   
*JAMIA 72   
IEEE transactions on neural networks 65   
Modern healthcare 64   
Academic radiology 62   
Ultrasonics 61   
Optics letters 60   
Journal of magnetic resonance imaging: JMR 57   
Health management technology 56   
Medical image analysis 56   
J. Optical Society. Of America 55   
*Int J Medical Informatics 55   
J Healthcare Information Management 50   
  1. A summary and comparison for the year 2006 of the number of medical informatics citations in ISI Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and MeSH (> 50 citations only). *Note top three JCR journals in MI-MeSH ranked list.