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Table 1 Infrastructure components required for meeting CDS prerequisites

From: A national clinical decision support infrastructure to enable the widespread and consistent practice of genomic and personalized medicine

CDS Prerequisite Needed Infrastructure Component Reason for Need
Computer-processable medical knowledge Centrally managed repositories of computer-processable medical knowledge Most healthcare organizations lack the resources to create and maintain required knowledge repositories for themselves
  Standardization of CDS information provided for specific aspects of genomic medicine All knowledge resources should provide consistent CDS information for common aspects of genomic medicine
Computer-interpretable patient data Standardized representation of patient data Variable representation of patient data makes CDS resources difficult to re-use across different settings
Generation of patient-specific advice using knowledge and patient data Standard approaches for leveraging computer-processable medical knowledge Disparate approaches to integrating knowledge resources make such resources difficult to re-use across different settings
  Standard approach for locating and retrieving patient data Patients receive care across institutional boundaries