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Table 11 Example Unstructured Abstract

From: Sentence retrieval for abstracts of randomized controlled trials

To determine the mechanisms underlying increased aerobic power in response to exercise training in octogenarians, we studied mildly frail elderly men and women randomly assigned to an exercise group (n = 22) who participated in a training program of 6 mo of physical therapy, strength training, and walking followed by 3 mo of more intense endurance exercise at 78% of peak heart rate or a control sedentary group (n = 24). Peak O2 consumption (V(O2 peak)) increased 14% in the exercise group (P   0.0001) but decreased slightly in controls. Training induced 14% increase (P = 0.027) in peak exercise cardiac output (Q), determined via acetylene re-breathing, and no change in arteriovenous O2 content difference. The increase in Q was mediated by increases in heart rate (P = 0.009) and probably stroke volume (P = 0.096). ... PMID: 12857764