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Table 4 Results of principal components analysis

From: Physicians' intentions and use of three patient decision aids

  Component Loading
Component 1 – Quality and Value for Patients  
   Helps patients in reaching a decision 0.72
   Helps prepare patients for decision making 0.72
   Will improve patients' decision making 0.67
   Allows patients to participate as they wish in decision making process 0.65
   Helps patients understand risk/benefits of treatment choices 0.62
   Will be simple to use 0.59
   Apply to sizable proportion of patients 0.59
   Guides patients through decision making in logical fashion 0.59
   Will be acceptable to patients 0.53
   Well organized 0.50
   Presents probabilities of risk/benefits in understandable manner 0.49
   Combination of workbook and tape good 0.49
Component 2 – Value for Physicians  
   Will improve quality of patient visits 0.79
   Will increase patient satisfaction with my care 0.77
   Will positively affect my relationship with patients 0.74
   Will help me tailor counselling to patients' needs 0.74
   Will provide easily observable benefits for the patient 0.71
   Will help me understand issues important to patient 0.65
   Will save me time 0.63
   Will improve my usual approach 0.60
   Reliable tool for helping patients 0.50
   Will complement my usual approach 0.47
Component 3 – Decision Aid Content  
   Evidence presented reflects my understanding of the data 0.72
   Evidence about choices presented in unbiased manner 0.71
   Information on choices balanced 0.67
   Description of risk/benefits of choices supported by evidence 0.66
   Decision aid well developed 0.65
   Essential information for decision making provided 0.64
   Developers credible 0.62
   Evidence presented is up-to-date 0.58
   Clearly describes treatment choices 0.55
   Compatible with how I think patients should be informed about choices 0.51
   Decision aid not influenced by vested interests 0.46
Component 4 – Implementation  
   Will not require reorganization of my practice 0.73
   Will be easy to use in my practice 0.60
   Decision aid provides information that is not too complex for patients 0.59
   Will not require major changes to the way I currently discuss the topic 0.52
   Likely to be used by most of my colleagues 0.47
   Easy to experiment with before deciding to adopt it in practice 0.46
Items removed from factor analysis due to multiple loading or factor loading < 0.45
   Worksheet adds value to decision aid <0.45
   Will produce greater good than harm <0.45
   Will be useful in my practice Component 1 and 2
   Would not be used if I am required to purchase it <0.45