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Table 6 A false positive article for query of case study #1, where query words do concur, both in text and in MeSH (but not in the same sentence).

From: Relemed: sentence-level search engine with relevance score for the MEDLINE database of biomedical articles

DiFranza JR, Aligne CA, Weitzman M. Prenatal and postnatal environmental tobacco smoke exposure and children's health. Pediatrics. 2004 Apr;113(4 Suppl):1007-15. (PMID 15060193) ... A large literature links both prenatal maternal smoking and children's ETS exposure to decreased lung growth and increased rates of respiratory tract infection s, otitis media, and childhood asthma, with the severity of these problems increasing with increased exposure. Sudden infant death syndrome, behavioral problems, neurocognitive decrements, and increased rates of adolescent smoking also are associated with such exposures. ... [MeSH] drug effects. etiology. adverse effects. Animals. Asthma. etiology. Child. Child Behavior. drug effects. Embryonic and Fetal Development. Female. Humans. Infant. Intelligence. drug effects. Otitis Media. etiology. Pregnancy. Respiratory Tract Infection s. Smoking. adverse effects. Sudden Infant Death. etiology. Tobacco Smoke Pollution. analysis