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Table 3 Timing and content of study assessments.

From: Protocol for the Quick Clinical study: a randomised controlled trial to assess the impact of an online evidence retrieval system on decision-making in general practice

Identifying eligible clinicians
Trial registration: self completed online
Baseline data
Pre-trial survey: self completed online
Prescription data from previous 12 months: electronic extraction
Clinician follow-up procedures
Primary outcome measures: Computer log and electronic prescription data at 6 and12 months
   • Physician acceptability focusing on ease of use and usefulness (post-trial survey) and patterns of QC use (computer logs)
   • Prescribing patterns in clinical priority areas identified at the start of the study
   • Prescribing patterns in response to new evidence of the effectiveness of new or existing treatments
   • Patterns of non-pharmacological clinical management
Secondary outcome measures: self-reported in online post-trial survey at 12 months
   • Referral patterns
   • Management decisions
   • Number, timing and types of investigations