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Table 1 Clinical priority areas used to measure primary outcomes.

From: Protocol for the Quick Clinical study: a randomised controlled trial to assess the impact of an online evidence retrieval system on decision-making in general practice

Clinical area Expected changes in intervention group
Asthma ↓ short acting beta-agonists
↑ long-acting beta-agonists
↑ inhaled corticosteroids (decreased dose of steroids over time i.e. back titration or combinations of LABA & corticosteroids)
Depression ↑ SSRIs, ↑ SNRIs
↓ TCAs;
Hypertension ↑ diuretics
↓ other antihypertensives
Upper respiratory tract infection ↓ antibiotics and ↑ appropriate antibiotics
Immunisation/vaccination Higher rate of immunization and closer compliance with schedule.
Lipid disorders ↑ Statins,
Type 2 Diabetes ↑ glitazones ↑ metformin
↑ insulin
↓ sulfonylureas
Non-inflamatory musculoskeletal including osteoarthritis ↑ paracetamol
↓ Cox-2 inhibitors