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Table 2 Summary of validation activities.

From: The GuideLine Implementability Appraisal (GLIA): development of an instrument to identify obstacles to guideline implementation

Step Process Purpose or Validity Type Results
1 Ranking of implementability of 3 recommendations by experts at COGS Validity of the construct of implementability Consistent ranking
2 Guideline review with early GLIA versions To refine GLIA Demonstrate feasibility of measurement of implementability
3 Expert review of GLIA items and dimensions by HL7 experts Content validity of GLIA GLIA items rated generally as relevant and clear. Two new items were added, definitions were clarified, and explanatory material was added.
4 Review of the recommendations ranked in Step 1 Construct validity of GLIA GLIA assessment of these three guidelines was consistent with experts' rankings of implementability (Step 1). Barriers to implementation were explicitly identified.