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Table 3 Observation symbols currently supported by the Febrl package

From: Preparation of name and address data for record linkage using hidden Markov models

Symbol Description Usage Based on
LQ Locality qualifier words Addresses Look-up table
LN Locality (town, suburb) names Addresses Look-up table
TR Territory (state, region) names Addresses Lookup table
CR Country names Addresses Look-up table
IT Types of institution Addresses Look-up table
IN Names of institutions Addresses Look-up table
PA Type of postal address Addresses Look-up table
PC Postal (zip) codes Addresses Look-up table
UT Types of housing unit (eg flat, apartment) Addresses Look-up table
WN Wayfare names Addresses Look-up table
WT Wayfare types (eg street, road, avenue) Addresses Look-up table
TI Title words (eg Dr, Prof, Ms) Names Look-up table
SN Surnames Names Look-up table
GF Female given names Names Look-up table
GM Male given names Names Look-up table
PR Name prefixes Names Look-up table
SP Name qualifiers (eg aka, also known as) Names Look-up table
BO "baby of" and similar strings Names Look-up table
NE "Nee", "born as" or similar Names Look-up table
II One letter words (initials) Names Coded rule
ST Saint names (eg Saint George, San Angelo) Both Look-up table
CO Comma, semi-colon, colon Both Coded rule
SL Slash "/" and back-slash "\" Both Coded rule
N4 Numbers with four digits Addresses Coded rule
NU Other numbers Both Coded rule
AN Alphanumeric words Both Coded rule
VB Brackets, braces, quotes Both Coded rule
RU Rubbish Both Look-up table
UN Unknown (none of the above) Both Coded rule