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Table 1 Description of respondents and participating practices

From: Selecting information technology for physicians' practices: a cross-sectional study

  Frequency (n = 399)
Role in practice  
   Administrator/office manager, finance manager, etc. 78.9%
   Billing or scheduling staff 9.0%
   Physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner 4.5%
   Other staff members 3.8%
   Information system managers 3.0%
   Nurses and medical assistants 0.8%
Type of practice  
   Various specialties 55.7%
   Primary care 32.6%
   Primary care and various specialties 11.7%
Practice size  
   Single practitioner 46.3%
   2–10 practitioners 41.3%
   More than 10 practitioners 12.4%
Practice Ownership  
   Private 83.1%
   Health system owned 16.9%