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Table 1 Observed allele counts for SNP, where O1,1 and O1,2 are the number of alleles A and a in the case group, O2,1 and O2,1 are the corresponding counts in the control group, N1 and N2 are the total allele counts for the case and control group, respectively.

From: FORESEE: Fully Outsourced secuRe gEnome Study basEd on homomorphic Encryption

SNP A a Total
Case O 1,1 O 1,2 Nl = O1,1 + O1,2
Control O 2,1 O 2,2 N2 = O2,1 + O2,2
Total O1,1 + O2,1 O1,2 + O2,2 Nl + Nl2